Gemology Services


Gemology is a part of Astrology. It helps to remove the adverse effects of malefic planets. As per astrological chart, care is very much necessary to do remedy of gemology. It is highly recommended to choose the right planet to wear a gem. Sometimes benefic planets may also be harmful after wearing of its gemstone. Another side a malefic planet can offer the best result after wearing its gem. Hence it is very much necessary to wear any gemstone after consulting with Gemology Expert. Need Best Gemology Services Contact.
Astrologer Bogarnadi knows very well which gemstone suite to anyone. He does very well in the field of gems. He mastered in this field and a famous gemologist in India. People from all area get benefit with his knowledge how to control the adverse effects of planets and how to enhance the strength of benefic planets.
Astrologer Bogarnadi a name renowned Gemology Astrologer in India. Gemology indeed plays a significant role in improving one’s life. It improves suitable wearing gem according to your zodiac can counteract and eliminate the negativity around us. For best Gemology services contact us.
It is generally believed that the supernatural rays of the planets by their cosmic forces control and modulate our life. The assigned Gemology, Gems are supposed to convert the supernatural energy emanating from the planets into harmonious forces to boost the power and energy of the wearer. However, this belief does not seem to find any scientific basis.
Rationally speaking, Gems , Gemology themselves may not have any magical powers to change or modify one’s destiny. However, the relief seems to come from Dharma Shastra, which prescribes Mani (gems), Mantra (verses) and Oushada (God) as the remedial means to redeem from Poorava Karma.
Gems are not mere ornaments since they have the sanctity of idols in temples. Therefore, they have to be cleansed, purified and energized in Vedic way before wearing them.